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Welcome to the Third Dimension

The NP115 and NP210 projectors from NEC Display Solution can now also display images in 3D. The model NP216 was launched in June.

Their DLP Link technology with a refresh rate of 120 Hz allows 3D images to be projected with the aid of signal projector and active glasses. Neither are special screens and filters required nor an emitter to synchronize the glasses. This inexpensive 3D projection system will benefit users in many areas like for example education, engineering, architecture and design. From June 2010, NEC Display Solutions are offering a special 3D starter kit. It includes active 3D glasses and award winning 3D content providers in the area of education, simulation, engineering and design. One highlight will be a full version of the well -established stereoscopic player from 3dtv for playing 3D movies and pictures. OHI Electronics are the exclusive distributors of NEC in Oman. You can get these projectors from Connexions Outlets in Jawharat A’Shati, AL-Araimy and the leading hypermarkets.
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